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VNWA workshop notes (english)

In English

Volume 1:

In this PDF “VNWA Worhshop Notes” I show you by example what is possible with the VNWA. The first version was created after the Hamradio 2017, to give the participants of the VNWA workshop more information to read. The first chapters provide a first aid and theoretical background for VNWA newbies who need a little introduction to working with the VNWA from DG8SAQ. Here topics of the workshop are taken up again. The following chapters in the second half of the document are directed to the advanced VNWA users and show what else is possible with the VNWA.

Band 1 Version 25: workshop_notes_volume_1_english.pdf

Volume 2:

It is being worked on. It is a machine translation now. It will be real translated when it's done.

Band 2 Version : workshop_notes_volume_2_english.pdf

Die deutsche Version findet ihr hier: VNWA Workshop Notes (deutsch)

Frequenzmessung mit dem VNWA - Allan Deviation
L/C-Gütemessung mit der Sperrkreis-Methode
Filter - Quarzfilter und LC-Filter

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